Forks, Inc. Forks, Inc.

Logistics means future...

... and VETTER provides the tool: the FORK*****!

There is nothing that has not been moved with a fork. From standard forks to special forks and intelligent solutions for logistics 4.0!

The goal is the best fork for the every application. This is backed up by the most comprehensive product range, an experienced and competent team and one of the world's most modern fork production.

More about VETTER and the complete range of forks could be discovered on our website:

CleverHelpers - Better through the logistics jungle

The perfect addition for industrial trucks. With the VETTER CleverHelpers, we offer effective retrofit solutions for safe and efficient industrial trucks and forklifts. All CleverHelpers are quickly and easily mounted on the fork and ready for use in a few seconds.

CleverHelpers focus on the user's benefits: more safety, more efficiency in the daily use. Each avoided damage protects people and loads.

CleverHelpers – simply wild!