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GEKKO Magnetic anti-slip layer

Quick mounting, high slip resistance

GEKKO magnetic anti-slip layer protect your transported loads and reduce vibrations and noise.

The layer is easily mounted and dismounted in a few seconds. Thanks to integrated magnets at the underside, the anti-slip coating adheres safely and firmly on the forks.

When not in use, the GEKKO can easily be attached to the truck, e.g. on the lift mast.


GEKKO video

Product features

Integrated magnets at the underside

With loop for an easy take off

Attach to the lift truck when not in use

Applicable as impact protection at the forklift chassis

Product benefits

  • Ideal protection for loads
  • Easily placed and removed within a few seconds
  • Magnetic adhesion on the forks
  • Higher occupational safety: reduced slipping loads
  • Reduction of damages
  • Protection of sensitive surfaces
  • Less vibrations
  • Noise reduction, especially when transporting metal components
  • Abrasion and cut resistance for a long operating life
  • Also suitable for pallet trucks
  • Also applicable as impact protection at the forklift chassis
  • Easy attachment on the lift truck (e.g. on the mast) when not in use
  • For temporary use


  • Transporting fragile goods

  • Transporting without a transport carrier

  • Transporting goods outdoors

  • Transporting in residential areas

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