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ZEBRA warning bar

Be seen in traffic

One reason for accidents with fork lift trucks: forks are hard to recognize at first sight. ZEBRA warning bars ensure better visibility and prevent accidents.

The warning bar can be easily pushed onto the forks and adheres firmly and securely thanks to integrated magnets. When not in use, the warning bar can simply be attached to the truck.

ZEBRA video

Product features

ZEBRA warning bar, lengths 31.5" or 39.4"

Visible from afar: special reflector foil

Easy mounting due to magnetic tabs

Easy mounting on the forklift when not in use

Product benefits

  • Accident prevention
  • Increased visibility in traffic
  • Also recommended for in-house traffic
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • High quality reflector foil
  • Easy mounting on the forklift when not in use

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